Ehlers & Visby is a Metal Design Studio, based in Aarhus, Denmark.

We make handcrafted, bespoke interior design solutions incorporating vintage components. We collect and reuse weathered treasures. Materials are hand picked from scrap metal yards, abandoned industrial spaces and where ever we roam.

As collectors, it is our desire, to celebrate the heritage, quality and elegance of former times.
We embrace the living legacy embedded in objects that have been used or discarded, seeing the process of ageing as something that amplifies the materials inherent beauty.

These items have a remarkable atmosphere and appeal. Maybe because we all sometimes feel used, worn and discarded, and just hope that someone will show up and be able to see and appreciate the qualities that we all contain.
It is both optimistic and touching, finding objects like gold in the gutter, and to appreciate them for what they really are, in all their glory. It is a true pleasure to salvage lovely aged materials from the irreversible meltdown in the big melting pot. We have a ball interpreting these materials in fresh new visions.

We combine iron, brass, copper, bronze and other textured metals with exquisite materials such as, extraordinary stones, antique glass, gold leaf and exotic skins blending the Old Worlds sophistication with interpretations from a wide array of inspirations and styles. Including influences from early international Modernism to rougher sub styles as Brutalism and the Danish industrial arts and crafts heritage to fashion new stories and dreams in our time.

Noble metals worn by time, give us bold new ideas for our furniture, lighting and retail design
interiors. Our work contains a mature beauty with a narrative and appearance that stimulate the senses and serve as conversation pieces where ever people meet.